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Comments: When visitors fill out a comment form, we collect that data, visitor information, and browser data. If a gravatar is being used, some visitor information may be sent to that service. If your comments are approved, your comment will be visible to the public, and your profile picture may be visible. Comments may be checked through a spam detection service.

Cookies: You may opt-in, while leaving a comment, to save your information in cookies. The cookies will last for a time period. You may also login to sections within this website. The login information may be stored and discarded.

Content From Other Websites: Section of this site may include content from other websites. These websites may collect data about you. Some examples of other websites are ones that may be used for payment processing, product sales, or marketing purposes.


Website administrators may be able to edit and remove data collected on this site. If you need help with this, see the need help section below. Marketing campaign emails can be unsubscribed to within that correspondence.

Terms and Conditions

Affiliate marketing is done on this website. In some ways, to advertise products to visitors and to receive commissions from resulting purchases. Some services and products offered on this website are for entertainment purposes. You can see a list of these items within the shop on this website. Christina DaRe at reserves the right to change certain item pricing from time to time and the changes will be visible on the shop page.

Refunds and Returns

Several types of goods are exempt from being returned or refunded. Perishable goods, digital products, and print products. Additional non-returnable or non-refundable items are gift cards and The Crew – Exclusive Access Purchases.

There may be certain situations where refunds, partial refunds, returns, or replacements are granted, if you are approved for such at the discretion of Christina DaRe at See the need help section below.


Created content by Christina DaRe at belongs solely to her. Also, the content and creations within any exclusive access sections, and including The Crew, belong solely to her. If website visitors and exclusive access visitors have taken part in the process of content creation, created content, or materials, Christina DaRe at is still the sole owner of that process of creation, the content, and the materials.

If visitors would like to request approval to use this content or material somewhere else, other than within this website, please contact Christina DaRe at for inquiries and permission. It is her discretion, the confidentiality and use of this website content and materials. See the need help section below.

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