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Just got a new ring light and I’m liking it so far. I have so much fun shooting photography and like being the model too. A time that stands out the most with it, was in art college. We had photography classes and I’d run around LA taking photos of cool buildings in town for class projects. My main spots were around Melrose Blvd and The Grove, along with the Larchmont Village area. It’s so artistic there. I started shooting headshots for some friends in the acting business and really thought I’d do that professionally at some point and in some way. I built my own photography website for it back in the day.

Well, things change a bit and sometimes they take shape at another time down the road. Step by step here. I take a lot of photos in nature now days. I’ve been learning even more over the years about photography and implementing the process where it is. Still creating with it. I’m not in a rush for what I enjoy.

Christina DaRe

I like to share my product finds with you and will update my posts with feedback after the products been used some too. You can check back at later dates if you want to see how it’s going.

MountDog Ring Light, 14″ 3 Color Lights, Dimmable LED Ring, Stand, Wireless Remote, Phone Holder, and Carrying Bag

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